Sound moves at the speed of technology. Are you struggling to keep up?

So… you’ve got a great idea for a podcast, written out all of your episode ideas but you’ve never used a microphone before, let alone recorded yourself – and what’s a DAW?

Maybe you received funding for new technology, purchased your equipment, and now it’s…

gathering dust

…because no one knows how to use it.


Are you fighting with gadgets and software instead of using your time and energy to communicate?


Image of Marcus Smith, owner of Bespoke Audio


I’m Marcus and I help artists and organizations save money and time, finding bespoke solutions to ever-evolving tech challenges and maximizing existing resources before trying new toys.


Sometimes that means stripping away as much technology as possible, and finding the simplest and cleanest solution to a problem.
Sometimes that means using technology to create and innovate.
Usually, it means that I learn how to use the #$%&ing thing first, and teach you and your group the most important parts, skipping over all the unnecessary features that you’ll never even use.


Schedule a 15-minute phone call, free of charge, and let’s talk about your project.


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